Hopelessness works like a thief in the night. It is silent and it sneaks into an individual’s life, robbing you of the a happy and normal living.

No one can tell if it is present most especially people who are looking from outside of the house. Even people living inside the house cannot tell that a thief is around. They only recognize a presence once they find out that they are missing their valuables.

Hopelessness works the same way. From the outside, people struggling with hopelessness look as if they are normal. Some of them even appear so happy that no one could ever believe that they have a serious problem. Oftentimes, individuals experiencing hopelessness are not aware of their condition. They only realize that they have it when their lives are significantly affected.
Hopelessness lurks all around us. Some of our loved ones, relatives and friends are suffering from it. Maybe you yourself are a victim of this dangerous thief.

How to Tell If You Have Hopelessness
There are cases when people dealing with hopelessness manifest certain symptoms. If you are observant enough, you will notice that they exhibit behavior that are beyond the ordinary. You may not feel that you have hopelessness but knowing what its symptoms are can help develop your self-awareness. Here are some common signs manifested by individuals with hopelessness:

  • People with hopelessness feel a great deal of fatigue and loss of energy. This is why they prefer to stay at home and be unproductive. They skip work and school. They barely move a muscle. Some of them cannot even take care of their personal hygiene.
  • Hopelessness is frequently mistaken with the feeling of sadness, sorrow or grief. However, you can tell that an individual is already suffering from hopelessness when they are contemplating suicide. Suicidal tendencies are already unhealthy thoughts that stem from an intense emotional disturbance. Individuals do not normally foster such kind of thoughts.
  • change in appetite is also evident among people who suffer with hopelessness. Some individuals with hopelessness tend to overeat while others do not eat at all. Because of this, they either suffer from obesity or excessive weight loss.
  • Individuals with hopelessness feel a sense of sadness and worthlessness. Instead of acting upon their problems, they allow them to damage their lives because they feel that they could not do anything about it. They no longer take charge of their living. Instead, they become passive participants who just watch as their life crumbles around them.

What to Do When You Have Hopelessness

There are several ways to fight hopelessness. Some individuals divert their attention to wholesome activities such as sports or exercise. By setting a fitness goal, for example, they develop a sense of direction. They become focused and determined instead of wallowing in their sadness. Others with more severe cases seek psychological help. They see counselors who help them deal with their emotions. They also join support groups comprised of people who have gone through or who are going through the same ordeal.

Hypnosis is also among the different methods used in helping people who struggle with hopelessness. It can aid a person in a lot of ways. It relieves individuals of the physical symptoms of hopelessness. For one, people with depression have difficulty sleeping. Hypnosis has proven to be a great help in such condition. Additionally, hypnosis explores the subconscious levels of an individual. It traces the root cause of a person’s hopelessness which makes their condition easier to deal with.