Individuals generally possess fears. This is completely normal as most fears are rational. Many people fear losing the ones they love and that is understandable. Losing someone close to your heart is tragic and nobody would like to be in that position. Others fear failing in their career and this, too, is incomprehensible. Career success can help establish financial security and it is only rightful that one should fear being a career failure.

With the right perspective, fears can be used as motivators. Because you fear losing your loved ones, you take care of them better. As a result, you strengthen your relationship with them. Likewise, because you fear being a failure in your career, you strive to work hard and perform well at work. With your good performance, you increase your chances of a promotion or a raise.

But when we let fear control us, that is when it grows into something more serious. Our fear, then, develops into a disabling fear. However, there are certain cases wherein fears occur irrationally. There are also some wherein fears stem from previous trauma. Whatever the cause of an individual’s fear may be, it doesn’t change the fact that living with fear or fears can be extremely complicated. In fact, there are some people who, because of their fears, are deprived of a happy and normal living.