What is the difference between Transformational Coaching and Life Coaching?

Life Coaching helps you identify and achieve personal goals and uses time and money management tools. Transformational Coaching includes this and includes the aid of your own innate wisdom. In this deep internal state you experience a new awareness of your own unique talents, skills, and gifts. Acknowledging these traits will awaken you to your true path of fulfillment and a meaningful future.

Transformational Coaching has practices which you use to develop your intuition and creative expression and then lead you down a path to a fulfilling, balanced and purposeful life. Within these practices you discover a deeper unfolding of your true self, your values and realizations of both negative and positive habitual patterns of thoughts and speech which inevitably create emotions and actions that inhibit you from moving forward. You are taught new practices that will support you in your new vision and more strongly commit you to your goals. This enlightenment and future pacing will help you to embrace change with a sense of peacefulness, confidence, joy and anticipation.

Who can benefit from Transformation Life Coaching?

Any person who may be experiencing any of these:

  • Frustration with life, not getting what you want
  • Wanting to be happy and fulfilled
  • Lack of goals, direction in life
  • Feeling lost, don’t understand who you are or what you want
  • Feeling “stuck” or “bored” or “unfulfilled”
  • Sensing there’s a higher calling for yourself and not knowing what it is
  • You want to know what’s next in your life, what should you do
  • You are looking for new tools and processes to transcend you
  • You desire to heal and transform your life
  • You want to access your highest self
  • Your old ways of doing things no longer work for you
  • Transition is all around you, and you want to move forward
  • You want more meaning and purpose in life
  • You’re unsatisfied with work or what you do
  • Wondering if you have a purpose this lifetime and what it is

Karla Hermann uses a client-centered approach helping you to understand where you are and transform you to a higher level of wisdom that aligns you with your higher self. You then are able to discover your inherent gifts and purpose utilizing your skills, traits, talents, and values to become whole and fulfilled on all levels. All of this involves change. Change is constant and change can be comfortable when you have a direction and a goal in sight.

You will achieve a greater sense of purpose, direction and establish goals to help you work toward your highest visions, mission and purpose. Karla will assist you in creating a life by design rather than living a life by default.