About Karla Hermann

I’d like to tell you my story so that you can understand why I became a hypnotherapist. When I was in my twenties my working peers and I went to a hypnotist to lose weight. I was so frustrated that I couldn’t lose on my own. Being overweight made me feel so self conscious I avoided social events. I wanted to feel good about myself and how I looked. I kept wondering what I was doing wrong that I didn’t lose weight and keep it off.

I had no knowledge or previous experience with hypnosis and to my amazement it worked! It was so easy to avoid fattening foods and to stay focused on my weight loss plan. Once I was at my goal I easily remained within 3 pounds of that weight. I’m a believer that you cannot make a lifetime change without the mind.

My next experience was to quit smoking. Of course I had quit on my own at least 50 times before, but smoking and my new exercise workout did not fit in my life anymore. I was embarrassed that I smoked. I was at 1-1/2 packs/day. In just a few sessions I was done with this filthy habit. With the negative pattern broken, my healthy lifestyle was more easily reinforced.

Later on I decided to return to college. I was a single parent working overtime hours and also a home owner. I needed help. I remembered how hypnosis helped me in the past and once again hypnosis helped me to cease the procrastination and eliminate academic test anxiety. I was able to focus on my homework and juggle parenting and a full time job with overtime peacefully and confidently. The best part is I graduated with honors

My most convincing use of hypnosis happened later on when I was experiencing chronic pain which came from a car accident when I was in my twenties. It wasn’t until my 40’s that I felt the effect of that accident in my neck and low back. I have always been a person who believed in natural treatments and remedies; however the pain was so bad I took whatever medications prescribed to me by my medical doctor.

The pain medication did not work. I’m sure my mind created that mental block as I believed my mind creates my reality and when I thought of my pain I felt it. My condition continued to get worse. It was a week before I was to be admitted into the Columbia Hospital Pain Center when out of complete frustration with my severe pain as a last resort I did self-hypnosis on myself while I was lying on my couch. To my amazement I actually slept through the entire night and woke up feeling pain free and rested.

If you understand chronic pain you are only able to sleep for about two hours then you’re awake again in pain. The fact that with self-hypnosis I could remove pain from myself was amazing to me. After I finished my two months in the pain center I obtained certification in hypnosis with the intent to help myself as well as others. I want you to know that pain management is one of my specialties as I totally understand people in pain.

I continue to learn and grow in this field with continuing education credits as I truly enjoy helping others to succeed in life and overcome any of their struggles. I find this work to be completely fulfilling and rewarding. I hope to help you soon