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The 7th Path system was developed by Calvin D. Banyan, MA, a Board Certified Hypnotherapist and Certified Instructor of Hypnotherapy. It was through conducting thousands of hours of hypnotherapy that Calvin Banyan developed this very special form of self-hypnosis. He noticed that there were similar insights that his clients consistently made when they made the changes that they wanted to make. These insights are contained in the 7th Path System. The 7th Path System was also influenced by, The Course In Miracles, his study of Psychology and Hypnotherapy, as well as spiritual practices such as Ascension.

What is 7th Path Self-Hypnosis®?

It is a spiritually directed form of self-hypnosis to be used for self-improvement that encourages you to incorporate your own highest spiritual or philosophical beliefs. It combines the effectiveness of self-hypnosis, meditation and prayer. If you are not a “spiritual” person that is alright, you can still benefit a great deal from the practice of The 7th Path. It will give you everything that you wanted from meditation because of how it combines hypnosis, meditation and spirituality. It acts like a deprogramming device that removes old limiting programs and beliefs. During the phases of 7th path the system works as if it were the anti-virus software for the mind, ridding you of all erroneous programming from the past that is getting in the way of your happiness, success and feelings of confidence. Once the deprogramming has been accomplished, you can use the system to make just about any kind of improvement that he or she wants to make in life. For example, you can become more confident, improve self-esteem, improve your mood, become more motivated or overcome bad habits, addictions and compulsions, heal from stressed induced illnesses, answer your calling in life, improve your relationships, and overall become a better person.

7th Path Self-Hypnosis® is used by many professional athletes, political leaders, famous entertainers and very well known high profile CEOs. It has helped them reach their potential. And, 7th Path Self-Hypnosis® goes beyond conventional forms of self-improvement, and way beyond mere traditional visualization techniques.

In just a few hours you can master the techniques used in 7th Path. Anyone of normal intelligence who wants to learn this process can learn it, and use it to make powerful changes in their lives.

You will find the process of a typical course, whether done one-on-one or in a classroom, simple, yet profound in its ability to help you move along in life, moving you past old blockages, to success. Contact me for more information.

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