How To Ease Your Mind For Labor And Childbirth Delivery

How To Ease Your Mind For Labor And Childbirth Delivery

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When you first discovered you were pregnant, maybe you couldn’t believe it.  But soon, you accepted the fact that you were going to be a mom.  Feeling calm during labor and childbirth delivery is possible.  You can learn how to ease you mind during this exciting moment using focus, concentration, breathing exercises all with the power of your own mind.

How Do You Feel Calm During Labor and Childbirth Delivery?

Think about the last time you felt excited about something good coming into your life.  You felt calm, excited and enthusiastic about the event because you focused on suggesting to yourself that the event was exciting.  You imagined something positive happening for you. You talked as if the event was already something that would favor and benefit you. In short, you anticipated and expected something good coming your way.

Well, using this attitude, imagine what your labor and childbirth delivery experience could be if you expected it to be a good experience.  Imagining a good experience with a good outcome of the event is key to how you can feel calm during labor and childbirth delivery.

When you imagine an event exactly the way you prefer for it to be you are doing a mental skill called mental rehearsal.  Serious athletes do mental rehearsal on a regular basis.  Research shows it actually improves their game ability.  So, what about using this proven effective technique to successfully achieve the goal of labor and childbirth delivery for you?

Let’s do that now …

Envision yourself in the labor room first…you’re telling your baby how much you love him or her.  If you don’t know the gender of your baby yet, give him or her a nickname.  Make it a name with love in it.  How about Dear One?  Your child is a dear one to you, so that’s a great name.  So let’s start your child’s prosperous future out in a way that benefits and favors you and your child right…using a loving mindset.

So, see yourself in the labor room.  You’re focusing on sending loving thoughts to your baby.  You love Dear One because you are this child’s mom.  You have provided a precious vessel in which Dear One can lovingly arrive into the physical world.  And so you feel grateful that Dear One will be appearing in the physical soon.

Hear yourself say inspiring, loving things to Dear One. Imagine actually doing this while you are in labor.  How calm and confident you feel.  You love feeling calm during labor and childbirth delivery by thinking ahead of time what a wonderful experience it is.

When you use a positive attitude about your child, how do you think that will help your child and you during the actual experience?  Feel excited and convey great enthusiasm to see your child!

Imagine being in your child’s place, coming into the world into the heart, mind and presence of a loving mom. Would that be a great start to your child’s life or what? Now, switch over to seeing yourself about to give birth to your child.  Keep using a positive mindset to feel calm during childbirth delivery.  Just as you focused on things going well for you during labor, keep using this empowering mindset for the delivery.  What a great way to naturally feel calm during labor and childbirth delivery.

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