Five Fascinating Facts You Need to Know about HypnoBirthing

Five Fascinating Facts You Need to Know about HypnoBirthing

Giving birth is often described as a traumatic and painful event. Because of this event’s reputation ,many women develop a fearful and negative mindset toward their own, upcoming birthing experience. But can you imagine feeling both calm and focused while welcoming your baby into the world? Birth can be peaceful and positively memorable with a method called hypnobirthing. And you can join the thousands of women learning to create birthing peace for themselves and their babies. Here’s how:

  1. Hypnobirthing changes your perspective

Because we hear so many horror stories surrounding birth, most women believe that it has to painful, difficult and sometimes, even dangerous. But truthfully, the birthing process is uplifting using a technique called hypnobirthing. With this technique, using the power of their own mind and a birthing coach, women learn to mentally rewrite the situation.

For example, instead of thinking about having “contractions”, women have “surges”; instead of “pain”, they experience “sensations”. Using the empowering hypnobirthing technique, moms confidently work with the birth experience rather than deny or run away from the event. Using hypnobirthing, mom’s think about the entire celebration of life in a more positive and confident way.

  1. Self-hypnosis vs. being controlled

If you imagine being hypnotized, you may mistakenly think the thinking technique puts you under a spell and having to do things out of your control. But with hypnobirthing, you’re never under anyone’s control. Why is this true? Because when you hypnotize yourself, you are using your own mind power.

In fact, when you hypnotize yourself, you can create a deep state of relaxation where you have complete control of your actions. And thanks to this stress- and worry-free environment, you can make decisions out of freedom instead of fear. This is important for every mother, whether she’s giving birth in a hospital or in her own home.

  1. Hypnobirthing can reduce the fear surrounding birth

Usually, when mothers give birth, they feel afraid, stressed and worried, and as a result, the body releases adrenaline, our fight-or-flight hormone. But if you prepare by practicing specific breathing techniques and learning positive affirmations, your body can release oxytocin instead. This “cuddle” or “love” hormone helps not only your emotional wellbeing, but it also helps to ease the baby’s arrival by stimulating uterine contractions. So, staying in a calm state can actually help your uterus do its job!

  1. Hypnobirthing is good for mom and baby

Feeling unafraid and relaxed isn’t just good for the mommy – it’s beneficial for the baby, too. Thanks to the peaceful environment hypnobirthing provides, many babies are also calm and alert when they enter the world. Additionally, some women also have an easier time breastfeeding their babies and they enjoy positive wellbeing instead of the mommy blues after birth.

  1. Birthing together vs. birthing alone

Even though the mommy is the one who has to give birth, she doesn’t have to do it alone. That’s why the hypnobirthing classes are taught to both the mother-to-be and her birthing partner. This wonderful approach enables the partner to support and coach the mother throughout her birth. Hypnobirthing doesn’t promise an easy and pain-free experience. But, the techniques that both the mother and partner learn together help them create and maintain a tranquil setting.

Thanks to this gentle method, women can have joyful and relaxed birthing experiences. To find out how hypnobirthing can help you, click here.

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