The Importance of Setting Goals

The Importance of Setting Goals

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The Importance of Setting Goals

Imagine being unable to digest your food. How frustrating that would be! Did you ever think about the idea that to successfully digest food, your body needs to complete a series of individual steps? Those individual steps are actually goals! In order to successfully complete the entire process of digesting your food your body and mind use a feedback system. To achieve goals we all use a feedback system. It’s true! And like any goal you want to achieve you must follow a process. And following processes that really work for you is all a part of the importance of setting goals.


How Do Goals Keep You Motivated in Life?

Setting and achieving goals are like windows making it possible for you to see next moves you need to make to achieve goals. With an inner feedback system, you can train your mind and brain to imagine a good possible action in a series of actions toward achieving a specific goal.


Referring to our food digestion example, programmed from birth in your subconscious mind, certain process instructions already exist your body naturally follows to effectively and efficiently digest food. But, when you choose to override that natural process by listening to commercials and friends who suggest you eat foods upsetting to your system, you upset the natural way of digesting your food.


For example, eating junk food, drinking too little daily water and other modern world eating choices upsets the “default” miracle process for perfect digestion. Luckily, using your inner feedback system, you can respond instead of react and go back to making healthier food choices.


When you choose to regularly use your inner wisdom feedback system as a goal to better living, you develop the skill of naturally respecting your body. This respect equates to you responding instead of reacting so you can choose to live better by only eating real food.


How Do Achieving Goals Help You Stay Forward Driven?

We all like to feel a sense of accomplishment. When you live your life with purpose, you naturally desire to continue living. Compare that mindset to people who feel depressed about life. The more they focus on how depressed they feel, the more depressed they feel. Using the impractical feedback of how depressed you feel keeps you staying mentally stuck in those thoughts.


Depressing thoughts eventually can lead to serious mental issues. The remedy? Set attainable goals for yourself every day!

How Can You Inner Wisdom Feedback System Help You Know You’re On The Right Goal Achievement Path?

Using internal feedback you can train your mind and brain to respond instead of react to stress. A person reacting to stress keeps an upset instead of a balanced brain chemistry mix, too. Someone calmly responding to stress shows he or she has thought through how to manage his or her experience in an empowering instead of discouraging way.


An upset brain chemistry balance causes a rise in cortisol, which can send the rest of your brain chemistry levels tumbling. If that happens, it may seem like nothing can improve. With no adverse side effects, relying on your inner wisdom can help you develop your natural ability to relieve stress. Will you join the millions of people who successfully use their inner wisdom to live a better life? If so, hypnosis is a part of tapping into that inner wisdom.


Trusting your inner wisdom can help you know you’re on the right goal achievement path by acknowledging that after you’ve used your higher and wiser instincts, you simply feel more in control and calmer. When you can think more clearly, you make informed decisions. When you make decisions that really make a difference in your world, you really know the process you’re following is indeed the right path for you.


Need some help developing the skill of effortlessly achieving goals? I can help you with that. Please contact me with your questions about how tapping into your inner mind’s wisdom can help you achieve goals. Please email me at Please contact me, Karla Hermann by email at or by phone at 262-264-0214.. I look forward to connecting with you soon.


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