Simple Ways of Showing Holiday Gratitude

Simple Ways of Showing Holiday Gratitude

The holidays are filled with tons of chores and responsibilities that we’re always on the rush to check items off our to-do lists. And because we are too caught up with the busy-ness of the season, we often forget to give thanks. As the holidays approach, we ought to remind ourselves what it really means to give thanks. Here are simple ways of showing holiday gratitude to get you thinking:


Serve as someone’s mentor

Think about the people within your network. Is there someone who is struggling to learn the skills you possess? A colleague perhaps who needs your coaching to develop his or her professional talents or a neighbor who could use your assistance to learn landscaping? When you mentor others, you help them grow and at the same time, you learn more about your capabilities.


Give to charity

At this particular time of the year, non-profit organizations try to reach out to as much people as they can for donations. If you have enough to share, consider giving financial support to a charitable organization. For instance, if you love dogs, there are plenty of animal shelters that desperately need money. Giving money to charities close to your heart is a great way to share what you have with those in need.

Share your time

Look around you for opportunities to extend help. Volunteer at a local senior center. Work a couple of shifts at a soup kitchen. Help transitioning military veterans write their resumes. Your time is precious. Spend it wisely on something purposeful like helping others.


Express gratitude

Do not forget to thank the people who helped you get to where you are today. Write them a note. Send them an e-mail. Pay them a visit. Call them. It really doesn’t matter how as long as you remember. Personalize your messages and be specific as you possibly can. They will surely appreciate your effort.


Take time to reflect

Reflecting may sound simple but with the holiday rush, finding time to do it and actually doing it is not easy. Force yourself to find time to be quiet and reflect on the things and people you are grateful for. Contemplate about the lessons you have learned throughout the year. Create a list. Start a journal. Meditate. Practicing these will ensure that you continue to receive abundance in your life.


When you’re too stressed out, you may find it tasking to show holiday gratitude. Among all things, stress can “kill” the spirit of gratitude. Fortunately, there are many ways to keep your stress levels on check. One of the most effective ways is through hypnosis. It helps you manage stress through effective and soothing relaxation techniques. It is basically a struggle-free way to release stress. So, gear up for the holidays by learning more about hypnosis. Give me a call at 262-264-0214 to schedule a free consultation. You may also send me a message at

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