5 Ways to Fight Holiday Sadness

5 Ways to Fight Holiday Sadness

We expect the holidays to be a season filled with joy. It is the time of the year we reconnect with our loved ones and relish in the moment. Because of this, a lot of people think it is impossible to feel sadness during the holidays. They are wrong. Expectations, money problems, being away from loved ones and other holiday hazards can drive a person towards depression. Luckily, with foresight and planning, you can fight holiday sadness and make your holidays enjoyable. Here are some simple ways you could try:


Make plans ahead

The holidays can get too busy you forget to take care of yourself. Spare some time to plan out how you can give yourself a break amidst the holiday rush. Come up with relaxing routines, like reading a book or taking a nap. Write them down on a calendar and make sure these routines do not fall wayside as you do your chores for the holidays.


Avoid family conflict

Things can get crazy during family gatherings. To save your sanity during these events, prepare yourself with a neutral response. Whenever you feel as though a situation is about to break out, respond with statements such as, “Let’s talk about that another time” or “I understand how you feel.” To avoid confrontation, escape to the restroom, offer to help in the kitchen or play with the kids. Calling a friend also helps if you need to vent out.


Forget perfection

Forget about finding the perfect gifts or putting up the perfect decoration. Being a perfectionist during the holiday season can make you feel overwhelmed. Instead of trying to have the “perfect” holidays, do simple yet meaningful things during the season like spending time with your family and helping the less fortunate. When you stop thinking about yourself and focus on others who have far less than you do, you can’t feel depressed.


Schedule some sleep

Studies have shown there is a link between sleep deprivation and sadness so be sure to squeeze in some precious hours of sleep during this busy time of the year. The numerous holiday activities can easily mix up your sleep schedule but there are several ways to cope. Try to go to bed and wake up at the same time each day; avoid large meals and engaging in physical activities like dancing within a few hours before bedtime; and make your bedroom conducive for sleep. Move your television set and other distractions out of the room.

Refrain from binging on food or alcohol

For a lot of people, overindulgence is a holiday tradition. However, if you want to fight holiday sadness, you should practice more restraint. Aside from the fact that too much food and alcohol is unhealthy for your body, you will feel extremely guilty afterward. There is no need to skip those delicious holiday dinners. Prepare ahead of time by eating healthy meals the week prior. Likewise, do not turn to alcohol to deal with holiday depression. Alcohol only intensifies your emotions making you feel worse especially when it wears off.


Whether it is to ward away insomnia or to get rid of your drinking habit, hypnosis will help you go through the holidays in a breeze. It helps keep stress and anxiety at bay ensuring you of a memorable and joyful holiday season. Give hypnosis a try today by calling 262-264-0214 to schedule your free consultation. You may also send me a message at khermann2@yahoo.com.

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