Welcome Your Baby Into the World With HypnoBirthing®

Welcome Your Baby Into the World With HypnoBirthing®

Welcome Your Baby Into the World With HypnoBirthing®

 Let’s go on a journey…back…back…back to the day you first discovered you were pregnant. What did you feel when you knew you were going to have a baby?


Did you paint a glorious smile on your face and kiss the person who told you a baby was developing inside you? Or, did you feel afraid because you just didn’t know what to expect?


Did you start sweating and begin breathing shallowly in panic? Did you cry in fright? When you don’t know how something so huge as having a baby may affect you through all the pregnancy and beyond, you may feel alone. But the HypnoBirthing® process helps change all that. It helps moms in so many ways!


Give Birth Gently And Naturally

Have you wondered if giving birth gently and naturally might be possible? The good news is the HypnoBirthing® process does just that. You see, what the scared, new Mom does before the exciting life event known as birth happens is use her imagination.


And sometimes she visualizes all the things that can go wrong. And that scares her! But the HypnoBirthing® process changes all that. With HypnoBirthing® Mom learns to relax and have the birth of her life!


HypnoBirthing® process empowers Mom. Once she consents to learning knowledge and using it to her benefit, pregnancy and birth fears evaporate. Uncertainties are no longer an issue. Why? Because you have a plan and you know what the most likely things are you will experience BEFORE you experience them.


But the services is much more than that. Your HypnoBirthing® professional supports and helps you so you can feel mentally sure you can succeed and feel good about your pregnancy and birth experience. It’s so nice to have a professional all along the way with you on this.


Sure, your birth partner is nice but to have a professional there is even nicer! With the help of your HypnoBirthing® coach, you discover how to develop a mindful set of techniques that put you in the driver’s seat for your birth. Knowing what to expect and having the support to do it changes your entire birthing experience.

Glad To Help!

Want help calming and balancing your psychological and physical well-being, the well-being of your birth partner, and your newborn no matter where the birth takes place? The HypnoBirthing® process holds the keys to blessing you, your partner and your baby. Women simply LOVE pampering and preparing themselves with knowledge shared using the HypnoBirthing® process.


Proven Effective For Years and the Choice of Mothers Globally

Using a proven effective method for giving birth, mothers learn how to breathe in a special way. They develop relaxation abilities, positive self-talk, focus, concentration and imagery skills using safe, natural self-hypnosis to deliver her baby.


Practiced in 46 countries, the HypnoBirthing® process educates mom in complementary alternative medicine techniques to confidently experience that unforgettable birth moment without dwelling on the past (in the case of birth trauma) or worrying about the future.


Using the HypnoBirthing® process, moms release herself from reacting in fear or pain and instead responds in empowered ways during the birth. Feeling empowered instead of scared changes the way she approaches her pregnancy and birth event.


A valuable birth method to stay both physically and emotionally healthy throughout and in the following months, the HypnoBirthing® process gives mom a chance to be empowered through the entire birth course.   Sound like something you would love to have in your birthing library of knowledge? If so, contact me for a free consultation.


And please join me and other HypnoBirthing® practitioners from around the world celebrating the 25th anniversary of HypnoBirthing® by attending my special event all about HypnoBirthing® at GreenSquare Center for the Healing Arts, 6789 N. Green Bay Avenue., Glendale, WI.  Event is located downstairs in conference room area.  Please call 262-264-0214 to pre-register.  PRE-REGISTRATION IS REQUIRED.


I can help you really connect with your baby during the birthing event. Please contact me, Karla Hermann by email at khermann2@yahoo.com or by phone at 262-264-0214.



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