Postnatal Stress

Postnatal Stress

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Postnatal Stress occurs more often than most realize.  It happens to many new moms, even up to a year after the birth.  So many factors play into the postnatal stress from anxiety and depression to the financial stresses, marital stresses, and even simply not having enough help with the new baby.  If there was a complication during the pregnancy or delivery it only compounds the postnatal stress.

How postnatal stress affects YOU

Symptoms are different for every one and begin at many different stages after the birth.

  • Fear, anger, irritability
  • Lack of attentiveness towards the new baby or loved ones
  • Lack of appetite
  • Insomnia
  • Unpredictable bouts of crying and sadness
  • Guilt, shame
  • Feeling of Hopelessness
  • Loss of interest in things that once brought joy and pleasure

Postnatal stress effects every aspect of your life.  You may have one or all the symptoms above.

The benefits of hypnosis

Hypnosis for postnatal stress works in partnership with the conscious and the unconscious mind which allows us to discover what the root cause of the postnatal stress may be.  Many moms have a perception of the birth process and their emotional reactions preset in their mind.  When things do not happen as they had dreamed of, they begin to feel isolated and alone only adding to the stress.

Many times the postnatal stress is triggered by this perception or belief.  Through active hypnosis, we are program the mind to release the preconceived notions and allow you to enjoy your new born freeing you from the despair and stress.

The ultimate goal of hypnosis for postnatal stress is allow the subconscious mind to create healthy coping mechanisms.  By discovering within happy memories and the anchors associated with those memories, we can secure positive emotional reactions to stresses that occur.  This beings to release the stresses and begin to experience the happiness, joy and confidence within you to enjoy your newborn.

Post Natal stress isn’t something to be ashamed of. It is a sign you need some extra assistance through a very tough time. Hypnosis can have a profound impact on your mother–child bond and regain your happiness and self-confidence.


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