10 Sufferers Describe What Unhappiness Truly Feels Like

10 Sufferers Describe What Unhappiness Truly Feels Like

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Unhappiness is not something to be taken lightly. It is affects a person emotionally, physically and spiritually. It even drives others to take their own lives. However, there are still many people who do not understand what unhappiness truly feels. Some would even tell a sufferer that they are just exaggerating. Unhappiness, for someone who has never experienced it, is a complicated concept to grasp. But for sufferers who have come face to face with it have a rich vocabulary to describe their anguish.


How does unhappiness truly feel like? Life coach and mental health advocate Danny Baker posted this provoking question on his Facebook page. Here are ten powerful descriptions that he received:


  1. “Unhappiness is a dark, inescapable place. It is like being locked in a room with no light, windows or doors. It is so dark you cannot even see your own hands in front of your face let alone find a way out.”


  1. “Slipping into a state of unhappiness feels like falling down a dark, bottomless shaft, wondering if and when your fall will ever be caught. As you look back to where you fell from (which is where you know you need to get back to) you can see it receding further into the distance, the proverbial light becoming dimmer and dimmer, while the shaft into which you are falling becomes deeper, darker, and all the more enveloping.”


  1. “Unhappiness to me is like having your mind replaced by another one that makes me feel worthless and numb to life – even to my own husband and son. It deprives me of feeling anything other than a sense of perpetual sadness, never quite knowing the source of it but knowing that feeling well. Unhappiness has stolen my confidence and now I no longer feel I am worthy of anyone’s love. Unhappiness calls me names and makes me have awful thoughts, and there have been times when unhappiness has won and I’ve taken an overdose.”


  1. “A total loss of who you are.”


  1. “Cancer of the soul.”


  1. “Like mourning the death of some you once loved – you. When you look in the mirror you see only dead eyes. There is no spark. No joy. No hope. You wonder how you will manage to exist another day.”


  1. “Unhappiness is that nasty voice in my head that says things like ‘your mother never wanted you and that’s why she kicked you out at 15 to sleep on the streets for the three months.’ It shows me the mental picture of the benches I made my bed and the nooks and crannies I tried to hide in fear of being raped. The voice also reminds me of my daughter dying and thrusting her photo in my face telling me I’m a rubbish mother. Unhappiness for me is a force so powerful that I fear I may never be free of it.”


  1. “Unhappiness makes you feel like you are an actor playing you – one that is always forced to smile.”


  1. “It is a ten ton ball of lead in your gut that you have no choice but to drag everywhere with you. And you have got to try and look normal doing so.”


  1. “Unhappiness is waking up wishing you died in your sleep.”


If you feel that you can relate to these descriptions, I invite you to work together with me to fight unhappiness. There are many ways that you can deal with how you feel and hypnotherapy is among the most powerful yet subtle methods to overcome unhappiness. With hypnosis, there is no need for medication. And not only does it address the emotional and physical symptoms of unhappiness, it targets the underlying cause behind it. Schedule your free 20-minute consultation today by calling 262-264-0214.

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