Positive Thinking, Affirmations and Self-Hypnosis for Goal Setting

Positive Thinking, Affirmations and Self-Hypnosis for Goal Setting

It is important to keep your thoughts positive when goal setting. Did you know if you think negative thoughts your brain releases chemicals associated with those thoughts? There is an extreme difference in the chemicals that are released with a positive thought versus a negative thought. Positive thoughts create joy, good health, etc. Negative thoughts create undesirable situations and events in our lives and even create disease. Barbara Levine, author of “Your Body Believes Every Word You Say,” explained how our self-talk and our thoughts are detrimental to our body’s health, so it’s important we monitor our self-talk. Words work both ways, to build or destroy.


Affirmations are positive words or phrases you say to yourself to improve your life. Some examples of affirmations are: “I am at my ideal weight feeling healthy and energetic, or “I am healthy and strong and enjoy life.” It affirms what you desire is already true or has happened. Have you ever practiced saying affirmations daily and received no benefit from the work you did? That’s because when you repeat affirmations daily, your conscious mind, with will and reason, neutralizes the affect with negative thinking and therefore sabotages all of your efforts. Keep in mind that your words and thoughts are programming your mind whether you desired that program or not.


Conscious programming with affirmations may work but only if you’re immediately on the shirt tails of reworking the negative thought when it arrives, which is hardly possible at all times. Your subconscious mind, complete with all of your past programming drives your behavior so it’s important to get in charge of it or your conscious mind will guide your words and actions. Because the subconscious mind is the key player for success, it’s important to say the affirmation to yourself not only at the conscious level but even more importantly at the subconscious level and the only way to reach the subconscious is with hypnosis.


The subconscious mind is the seat of imagination. Imagery is important in hypnosis. Did you know that the subconscious mind is always listening and cannot tell the difference between what is real or imagined? That’s why we can feel scared during a scary movie. It feels real to us at a conscious level and the mind knows it’s just a movie, but the subconscious doesn’t. Your imagination loves to be given definite pictures to build and form, which the subconscious mind then gratefully accepts, and gets busy producing as definite results for you. Even if you don’t think you can imagine the goal, whether you realize it or not you are constantly making mental images, because it is the natural action of the mind to think through mental pictures. The use of affirmations, focus and intent and imagery with self-hypnosis will give you your desired goal.


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